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About Bill

Bill Hrncir has been happily married for 32 years and has two wonderful children. He owns and manages businesses in Laredo. He has always been into physical fitness-specifically running, cycling, and basketball.

His stroke recovery has taken perseverance and dedication. After his stroke, he attended Laredo Medical Center for speech, physical, and occupational therapy. He later found several resources in Austin, including Austin Speech Labs, to aid in his recovery. He took up martial arts, continued personal training in track, weight lifting, and range of motion exercises. Bill continues to work on cycling and running on a daily basis.

He has begun to tell his stroke story in Texas and is working on his book, "I Just Can't Read My Own Mind." He hopes to inspire other stroke survivors to never give up hope for recovery. He and his wife co-founded Laredo Stroke Support Group (LSSG). They and Austin Speech Labs have combined efforts to create a branch here in Laredo to help stroke survivors re-learn to speak.

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